Mail server broken - dovecot antispam plugin

Error: Couldn’t load required plugin /usr/lib64/dovecot/ Module is for different ABI version 2.2.ABIv10(2.2.10) (we have 2.2.ABIv36(2.2.36))

Any thoughts folks? I notice on github that there has been some recent challenges with dovecot. This failure seems to have occurred since a code update last night

is there an easy way to backout the updates from last night? that would get my friends mail server back online i hope!

by updates i mean that the yum log shows code updates took place around 4am so im assuming that what lead to the issue

Please check this thread and the suggested solution(s)

As workaround it is now possible to upgrade to 7.6.1810 beta, as explained here

After that, remove the template-custom as explained here