Mail Processing Server


i came across this

I think it is a good product and project.

I have not tested it myself, but looking at it, could it be something that we can have integrated inside Nthserver.
Especially the IP rotation option, its settings, etc. on the new cockpit interface.

The use cases are for Someone who would like a way to handle bulk email. Instead of using a separate system like sendgrid, NEthserver with this could serve the purpose.

This will also increase the traction of Nethserve to memeber who need these functions.

Let me know how it looks like.

To be quite frank; any project which tells you to pipe a script in into sh as root is not worthwhile to consider

curl | sh

Moreover it seems to include the MTU and does not work with the imap server installed on nethserver. So “integration” is quite impossible.

Just my 2’ct

if thats the case, is there something similarly?

Why would this use case not be served by the existing mail system? Put differently, what does it do that Neth doesn’t already do?

@danb35 if i want to do email marketing.
or if i want to offer email marketing services to end users. using nethserver as it is currently, the emails will be blocked.
Say i am using a software like Mumara, acellle mail or others.
do you get the point?