Mail Disclaimer feature not working?


NethServer Version: 7.4
Module: Mail


I try to add a disclaimer on the mails I send but it doesn’t work, either through SMTP (submission) or “directly” through Sogo.

Is there something I missed ? NB : I use a smarthost.

Thanks for helping.


Tried it locally now and it worked. Maybe the smarthost is the problem?

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Yep, or multi-domain ? Both machines I have access to right now are configured with more than one domain.

It should work in both cases.
Can you add here your configuration?

Thanks @alefattorini : it works.

While listing the contents of the configuration database to paste it here, I noticed that the postif entry was corrupted, obiouvsly by me :


restoring this entry by the usual postfix=service restored the functionnality.

I must have messed it up by toying with the command line :unamused:

Should I delete this useless thread ?