Mail aliases for SOgo 3 as From addres

In Nethserver 6.8, SOGo 2 would list e-mail aliases for users as possible from addresses. For me this was a major pro compared to how e.g. Zentyal had (not) integrated this.
In Nethserver 7 beta1 this no longer seems to be the case. First I though it was a problem of trying this with Samba4, but a test with OpenLDAP yields the same results so I’m beginning to think this is somehow SOGo 3 related.

Could anyone confirm this being the case or point me in the right direction how to make the the aliases appear correctly for users running SOGo 3?

Hello magchiel,
I’m setting up an Nethserver 7 and give it a try.
I’ll be back when I have an answer for you.


Hi magchiel,
I think we have to add something like
MailFieldNames = ( mail, otherMailbox );
to the sogo.conf. I’ve found this for Zentyal at But I don’t know the right variable names in the brackets. At this point perhaps a programmer of the sambatool in nethserver can help.

You’re right! On ns7 we cannot do the same as ns6 because the LDAP account provider can be both local and remote.

On a ns6 mail server we were sure it was local and we used to modify the LDAP. On ns7 this cannot be assumed.

However we could use another addressbook database. For instance, we could configure nethserver-sogo to export mail addresses from the mail-server package to the SQL database and let SOGo use it as addressbook.

Hi Magchiel,

what do you mean? Propably I’m wrong, but I thaught you want to choose the alias to send mail from.

Your assumption is correct.

In Nethserver 6.8 would take the e-mail aliasses configured in the e-mail settings administrators and then the user would not only receive emails delivered to its inbox, but these values would also be used to automatically fill the ‘from’ list where the user could select the adresses to send mail from. In 7b1 it doesn’t do this.

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Thanks. In Webtop this seems to work though?

I think I don’t understand it.
In 7 you can build an alias too, why is it impossible to read this alias for sending mail? Can you explain it to mee?
Thanking you in anticipation

I don’t know if WebTop has a comparable feature. We could ask @gabriele_bulfon or @lucag!

Of course, aliases can be defined. The point is where they are persisted:

  • on ns6 we have a local LDAP server that is always synchronized with defined aliases
  • on ns7 we can have both local or remote LDAP server. The assumptions change a lot with the remote server as we cannot be sure we have the rights to modify it.

As said in the previous post, my idea was to not persist the aliases in LDAP where we probably cannot write, instead let’s store them in the local MySQL DB!


at the moment Webtop doesn’t look at the aliases database, but only at his own informations.
So a user can have his own identities (managed in the identities options tab) and map them to an imap folder (so that the identity is automatically selected when working on that folder, where maybe a filter is moving mail by recipient).
Also, when mailboxes are shared via the Webtop interface, the identity can be automatically shared to the destination user.



Hello Davide,
thanks for your explanation. Now I understand what the problem is and I think it’s a good idea to store the aliases in the db.


I’ve found a workaround for this.
I have created an alias toto of user1@tst.lan .
In sogo/settings i have defined an imap account toto@tst.lan and then i can select toto@tst.lan from the menu when i send a mail.

I agree that it is not possible to do like this when you have lot of account with alias but perhaps it can help someone who have only one like me

One thing interesting is that there is no verification of the account you define in sogo/settings.
The account that you define could not exist. So you can define an account “donotreply” and send mail whith it. Reply to these mails are impossible

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Folks, the thing is that Sogo doesn’t support multiple identities and they will resolve this issue, completely.
Look at this bug, check the date and the owner, sometimes I hated SOGo for things like this :slight_smile: