Mail alias in public LDAP addressbook

I have created email address for mail aliases, it is possible to implement that they are automatically published in public LDAP adressbook?
currently I see only the user mailboxes automatically

We had something similar in NS 6, but it was removed on NS 7 because it’s supported only for OpenLDAP and not for Samba DC.
You need to implement it with a script:

  1. loop on all users alias (something like this)
  2. for each alias, then edit the LDAP tree using ldapmodify

seems complicated to me, then for the moment I could create a new addressbook in sogo or webtop and make it read in roundecube?

You probably can, but I’m not an expert of roundcube.
Maybe @stephdl knows this.

for what I recall, addressbook in SOGo are stored in mysql DB, except for internal address (from LDAP)