Low performance on APU2

Hello everyone I’m testing this fantastic distro on Pc engines Apu2 2 Gb RAM but I agree with all the various filters and monitors disabled that the performance is low
practically from command line speedtest I lose a 30%
my configuration is 1 wan in ppoe + 2 lan in bridge what can cause these slowdowns?
Thank you many

IPS and Proxy.
Assuming that your adapters are correctly configured for bandwidth available.
APU2 is a really nice piece of hardware, but the brute computational power is not suitable for all options included in nethserver.
Also, IPS should be really thinkfully configured for the correct balance between control, efficiency and speed.

Why bridging two lan (assuming GREEN) connections?

Hello thanks for the answer I put the 2 lan in bridge simply to have an extra port.
the problem I havean 80 mbit vdsl after the firewall 50 mbit
Thanks a lot Gianni



I have about 15 APU2 and about 15 APU4 running at clients.
If you Bridge 2 Ports (=Cheap Switch), this will eat up a lot of CPU (Interupts!)…

Note: I’m using these as Firewall with OPNsense (FreeBSd based) but the Interrupts Issue is the same for both!

My 2 cents

Try to simply use a switch.