Lost Dashboard after latest update to 7.5

I had a server with cups and fail2ban with the error. Removing cups helped.

On another server I had cups running. Installing fail2ban leads to the error.

On 1 server i have uninstalled nethserver-backup and dashboard solved, only page dashboard have problem, if acess full url of other module, its open, example https://server:980/pt-BR/Fail2Ban its open normal

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Guys it’s a missing closing tag! Probably removing just one package can hide the symptoms, but we must find who is generating the bad HTML, causing the other to fail.


Seems to be a missing closing div html tag on nethserver-fail2ban. Filed an issue and a PR:


You found it, it’s working!!! :clap: Tested on two Nethservers.

It’s just fail2ban, don’t know why there seemed to be a relation to cups or backup module…

Thank you for the patch @dnutan!

To test it /cc @quality_team

yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing update nethserver-fail2ban
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Thank you all we can confirm 3 success stories.

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Thank, sorry for the mess, this bug was not simply to find :slight_smile: