Lost Configuration after upgrade from 7.6 to 7.7

Yesterday I did the Upgrade to 7.7 and it a nightmare…
It seams that /var/lib/nethserver/configuration is a empty file.
System is not working at all.
I can only log in via Terminal Screen, no ssh, nothing.
How can I fix this.
The configuration backup file is a Version 7.6 file.
Do I have to reinstall the complete system with a 7.6 system or is there a way to downgrade?
And most strange thing is the server reboots from time to time itself about every 20 min.
can somebody help?


with network-recovery I get into server-manager but I cant make any changes and most of the menues are empty (no services, no active directory, and when i try to change something this service afterwards breaks down.

Did the upgrade finish properly?
Is the filesystem writable?
Any crash shown on terminal screen?
Does journalctl provide you with any clue about the problems?

Filesystem is writeable, my problem is the shutdowns of the system, it not a controled reboot its everytime a coldstart, it really feels like a hardware problem. I turned of the system now. I dont want to damage more.

I will try a config recovery on a new system install with 7.6 system


That really sounds like hardware - uncontrolled reboots (memory? cpu?) - Somethings screwed up…

The nice (!) thing about old harddisks were the clicking noise when defective - you didn’t have to waste time, you knew they were going going gone… With SSDs, you don’t have that acustic confirmation. :frowning:

My 2 cents

Hi Andy,

you are absolutly right!
But I found the problem -> it was the PSU. Very strange, never had that before!!!
It really chrashed the file system. The Server rebootet with this 24h! That are about 48 unconditional shutdowns.

The bad thing is it happend short after uprading to 7.7 and there is no configuration backup writen just after the upgrade. The server manager fails with the 7.6 configuration


If Linux acts funny, like your reboots, then it’s mostly hardware issues…

Last week a friends HP laptop “died” while working. The Power brick had a bright blue light (standard), but the laptop wouldn’t start or boot up, nothing on the laptop…

My friend needed that for programming, so he went out and boot a newer one - without planning it, he got the same modell, but 3-4 years newer with Win10 insttead of Win8 and no CD/DVD.

Out of a hunch, I asked my friend to try the old laptop with the newer one’s power brick - see there, the laptop boots up like nothing happened. The old psu had something like a stroke, didn’t die but only produced enough juice (power/amps) to light up it’s LED, not even for the Laptops power LED…

The old laptop is now a working spare at home - and will soon get Mint Linux loaded…

I’d setup a fresh 7.6 on another box (unless you’ve a spare psu…) and try the restore of config/data there…

My 2 cents

You could try to restore only the configuration backup (the latest preferably).

Thank Fillippo,

I tried this first! Restore of config faild!
So I completly reinstalled system! This was working well. I started with 7.6 system, restored the config BU! Then restored Data BU! Hardware is still shaky, and we decided to to run system only for 2-3 h every day, to get some emails. New Server Hardware is ordered, hopefully we get it tomorrow! The next challange whold be to get the new system with different network devices running, its not the same hardware!

Thanks so far


The NIC - or for that matter most Hardware shouldn’t pose much problems…

NethServer recognizes most “server” hardware. I’m not sure if it does well with the latest gamer card GPU - but I don’t need that hardware functionality… :slight_smile:

My 2 cents