Logrotate update not working

Hi, I’ve a OVH VPS ssd and I’ve seen that I’ve only 2GiO free, and I’ve find that /var/log use 4GiO of space, I want to change logrotate and find that
http://docs.nethserver.org/projects/nethserver-devel/en/v7/logs.html and I do the setprop, but I can’t do
signal-event logrotate-update
Because I get Can’t open directory /etc/e-smith/events/logrotate-update
Any idea why ?

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It seems the event was removed long long time ago:

It’s only a bad documentation :frowning: , I will update tomorrow.
In the meanwhile, you can use:

signal-event nethserver-base update 

Thanks for pointing it out!

Edit: you can also simply expand the template:

expand-template /etc/logrotate.conf

Documentation updated.