Login root as another user not OK


**NethServer Version: 7.6.1810 (final)
**Module: sogo 4.0.5

Hallo, again…
has someone tested this ?
In Nethsever-Docs I read this - but I can’t login in Sogo as user06*root with my root password :

" The root user can impersonate another user, gaining full rights to any mailbox contents and folder permissions. The Root can log in as another user option controls this empowerment, known also as master user in Dovecot [2].

When Root can log in as another user is enabled, the following credentials are accepted by the IMAP server:

* user name with *root suffix appended
* root’s password

For instance, to access as john with root password secr3t , use the following credentials:

* user name: john*root
* password: secr3t"
It’s would be a nice feature to correct config errors in sogo accounts …

Looks like it doesn’t work from SOGo

Also tested at my system, but you can create an admin account at nethserver and login with the admin to SOGo. For SOGo the admin is administrator and can also correct configuration of other users.



@m.traeumner the problem is that you can barely do anything there except changing some more or less useless calendar rights. Or did I miss something ?

I once asked about this on Sogo’s mailing list. I didn’t even received an answer.

You can change rights of calenders and address books here, nothing else I think.

@rowihei What do you want to change here?

@m.traeumner it was my impression.

The most usual issue is users having difficulties to setup their out of office message. Sogo’s user interface is beautiful but tricky to use to say the least.

Other support issues is “I cannot read/find/delete/answer that particular mail”.

This is why we need user impersonation to get an exact view of their mailbox and settings without knowing their password.


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This is workable for a dovecot login like roundecubemail(but not tested myself) , but not for SOGo which uses a ldap login, this won’t work out of the box


That’s why. Bummer. :expressionless: