Login problem using nethserver7 using https

NethServer Version: 7 on centOs 7
Module: your_module (What does it mean ?)

Hello I discovered recently centOs7 and netServer7, but I can’t log into nethserver at https://IP:980, using the login root and password Nethesis,1234:
“Password: Invalid credentials”

Can anyone help me please ?


Perhaps you can try to reset the root password. Look at Reset root password at Cent OS

Hi @Thierry,
First of all: welcome to the NethServer comunity! I am glad you found us.

Can you tell a bit more how you installed NethServer? Did you use a dedicated pc/server or did you install in a virtual environment?
Secondly: did you install using the unattended option or did you use the Advanced option?
You are able to get to the login page for your NethServer?
On what IP address is your server installed and how does that relate to the rest of your network?

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Welcome Thierry. If you installed NethServer on top of CentOS base you can use the password you set for root.

Ah ok the password is the same as root on centOs.
I installed first centOs, then nethServer, so I believed that the password were not the same.

Thanks to you.