Local backup-data in the same filesystem

Hello everybody,

I read in the doc that nethserver supports 3 kinds of data backup (usb, CIFS and NFS). All of them in a remote disk.

My question is, There is any way to do data backup in a mount point of the same disk??

I explain myself. I have all data in this mount point (/media/data) and i would like to set the data backup to (/media/backup)

Thank you in advance.

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i think modifying db configuration backup-data would possible to backup , where ever you want

Thanks for your response.

So, I guest what i wanted is imposible from nethserver web ui. right?

db configuration printprop backup-data

there is any place where is it explained??

I couldnt find it in the documentation.

i’l try to do it by my own and afterwards will write you little man, if i achieve success :smile:


thank you very much for your time and effort.

This old thread could offer some ideas:

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@aaronux mini how to for you :
1 in Web UI configure backup-data to USB
2 go to SSH and paste
db configuration setprop backup-data Mount /path/backup
3 cp /etc/e-smith/events/actions/mount-usb /etc/e-smith/events/actions/mount-usb.bak
4 edit /etc/e-smith/events/actions/mount-usb comment

#my $usblabel = $backupwk->prop('USBLabel') || die "No USBLabel set";

our $b = new NethServer::BackupData();

# get the device name
#my $device = qx( /sbin/blkid -u filesystem -L $usblabel);
#chomp $device; # remove trailing new line

# creating mount directory
if ( ! -d $mntdir ) {

# mount backup directory if not already mounted
#if (!$b->is_mounted($device) || !$b->is_mounted($mntdir)) {
# create mnt directory
#    system("/bin/mkdir -p $mntdir");

# mount the disk
#    $err = qx(/bin/mount $device "$mntdir" 2>&1);
#    if ($err) {
#        $err =~s/\n/ /g;
#        ldie("Error while mounting /$usblabel : " . $err);
#    }

5 run /sbin/e-smith/backup-data
6 go to drink coffee

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Awesone @Nas,

thanks for your effort. I am a newbie in nethserver and i need to read more about how it woks.

Anyway, i think it is too complicated for something as basic as a copy data from one folder to another.

I hope in next releases this feature be added as a option in backup menu.

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I think that backup to local folder not useful , maybe some cloud platform needed , such as Google iCloud Drive etc

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Agree, backup on the same disk and machine is not a real backup.
@aaronux welcome on NethServer community. Did you have test @Nas suggestion? Does it work?

@alefattorini i’ll test it after give advice !

If anyone is still interested, the new implementation of backup (in NS 7) should allow to use any partition or disk with a label as backup target.

The only excluded devices are LVM partition and CD rom: http://packages.nethserver.org/nethserver/7.2.1511/base/x86_64/Packages/nethserver-backup-data-1.1.8-1.3.g2cd4105.ns7.noarch.rpm


In some clients I use a raid 1 + one disk as internal backup. In this way I´ve been able to put a server and forget it.
Backup solutions here is very expensive, like some NAS server or external disks solutions like this. As my projects are to small companies, a internal disk solution is the more cheap and offer some level of security.
Now I am trying to implement some solution to upload backup to a backup server in my own office.
I implement this in with bash scripts, but it will be a great add to Nethserver if we can manage this in the web interface.

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well… no

think about:

  • water
  • electric shock
  • thieves
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Ehi man from Porto Alegre :slight_smile:
have you tested @giacomo suggestion yet? Please try and let us know


We dont have hi internet conections to put the server in a cloud model. A complete solution cost too for the size of the companyes that I manage. Im talking about very small offices with 3 or 4 employees and very low budget. Already is a conquer using a small server. So I do my best with the limitations. Put a server in a room with a strong lock, doing local backups, doing backups in other computer and in external media. I know it is not the best, but it is what I can do for them.

local backup in the same filesystem is not a backup
local backuup in different pc/device in the same building is good enough

I use a second disk inside the server… Not in the same filesystem. Usualy 2 disks in raid for the primary partition and a third disk for backup. I think maybe I wasn´t clear in the previous posts, sorry.

In the new version (6.8) this was solved, I can use a secondary disk as backup. So, now is perfect.