Limit transfer on blue network

Hello i have proxy with 3 interfaces - red (wan), green (lan), and blue (guests + wifi).
I must limit transfer for guests about - 70 % for green / 30 % for blue.
Is it possible ? I try do it with traffic shapping on interface rules but i only see one interface (red) dont see blue and green :frowning: .

I mean speed transfer - no limit :slight_smile:

yes in Code there is only RED

This feature could be a real good killing feature :smile:

Make traffic shapping for all interface, to prioritized the green over the blue lan.
And for type of traffic download, streaming, and so on.

@Adam_S I have made little patch that would show not only RED but also it would show VLAN and BLUE:

[root@nethserver Interfaces]# db tc show

Sorry to disagree, but I think you are misunderstanding how traffic shaping works.
It can be handled only on red interfaces.
From shorewall manual ( ):

Simple Traffic Shaping is only appropriate on interfaces where output queuing occurs. As a consequence, you usually only use it on extermal interfaces.

Still, we can implement what you are asking for, but it should be done in a different way. We can extended the “Address rules” tab inside the “Traffic shaping” page by allowing the creation of rules based on CIDR objects.

Regarding the pull request by @Nas, probably the part about VLAN can be accepted (but it should be tested if Shorewall complains about it); sadly, the blue part should be removed.

Ok thanks for help. Thats bad :frowning: Then can i make something to limit download speed for this interface (blue) in proxy or firewall ?

Proxy still doesn’t have such a feature, but squid already supports it.
If you want, I can post a template-custom to lower the priority of the blue network.

No template-custom is needed, just a little workaround:

  • create a cidr firewall object called “bluenet”

  • execute this command

    db tc set "cidr;bluenet" ip Description "Low priority blue net" Priority 3
      signal-event firewall-adjust

Now you should see a new rule called “Low priority blue net” in the Traffic shaping page

It would be definitely nice since it’s a very requested feature as @davide_marini can confirm

Ok thanks. I only ask.

  1. When i execute this command, on my traffic shapping appear new rule “Low priority blue net” and blue interface at the moment will be working with prioryty 3 ? right?
  2. Default priority on all interfaces is 10 (without this command) ?
  3. when something do wrong with this command How can I undo this operation?

Thanks for reply :smile:

Kindly use :

db tc delete "cidr;bluenet" ip Description "Low priority blue net" Priority 3
  1. Yes it’s right.
  2. Yes it’s right
  3. You can delete the rule by the UI as well

Okey thanks for help.

Let me know it works or not marking the thread as resolved

I make on “firewall objects” on tab “CIDR subnets” new rule called “bluenet” , network “”.
Next i open ssh and execute: db tc set "cidr;bluenet" ip Description "Low priority blue net" Priority 3 signal-event firewall-adjust
When i go to “traffic shapping” to “address rules” tab i see:
Address: CIDR network bluenet
Priority: Low
Description: Low priority bluenet
and i can now manually change prioryty by EDIT button: Low, Medium, High

Nice work :smile:
but i dont know how to check if it works?

I think you should start a download from the green and from the blue seeing the different priority and bandwidth