Librabbitmq update error

i am getting the following error while trying to update

the packages that were being updated are as below:

Name Version Release
centos-release 7 5.1804.5.el7.centos
librabbitmq 0.8.0 2.el7
nethserver-ejabberd 1.3.1 1.ns7
nethserver-webtop5 1.2.8 1.ns7

I believe the issue is caused mostly by librabbitmql 0.80|2.el7
because I was getting the same issue before the other updates were made available

It seems there’s a conflict between EPEL and SDL packages version.

You could try to temporarily bypass the issue by turning the Updates policy to “locked” as described here

I have changed to locked but still I get the error

Do you use onlyoffice? If yes you may try to update the documentserver that requires the old package which is now replaced in epel:

What about

yum downgrade librabbitmq*

yes I use Onlyoffice , in the documentation I do not see the way to update it.

yum install

it tell me nothing to do

Let’s see who is requiring librabbitmq-tools

 yum remove librabbitmq-tools
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If you already have the newest version it’s not related to onlyoffice.

[root@server2 ~]# rpm -qa onlyoffice-documentserver
[root@server2 ~]# rpm -qa nethserver-onlyoffice

Maybe just check what requires librabbitmq-tools and remove it if not needed:

rpm -q --whatrequires librabbitmq-tools
yum remove librabbitmq-tools
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I was able to remove the librabbitq and make the update… am still yet to see what was broken in the process, thought after checking whatrequires there was nothing listed.

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