Letsencrypt certs not selectable in virtualhost module

NethServer Version: 7.3.1611
Module: virtualhost


I setup two virtualhosts and two appropriate letsencrypt-certificates. Whithin the virtualhost-module I cannot select the letsencrypt certificates, just the NSRV.crt and the standard certificates.

Any ideas?


Just use Let’s Encrypt as your default certificate and you’re done :wink:

Hi @giacomo,

that works, if you have just one domain for letsencrypt but I have two
single certificates…
Is there a "signal-event …“ command to assign the different certs to the

After every change in the virtual host-module I have to manually change
the virtualhost.conf - file…

If you use the web interface, the system will generate a single certificates with many names.
Take a look at this:

No sorry, in this case you need to configure it by hand.

I think that obtaining multiple LE certificates could be a reasonable enhancement, in some scenarios.
What do you think?


Thank you. Would it be possible to also add a renew option for the LE certificates?

The renew is automatic, but you can do it, just execute this command for more options:


+1 for the option of using different LE-certificates obtained in NS with different virtualhosts (each for another domain).

Is there in the meantime any trick to achieve this, where the workaround with the default cert does not work?

Sadly no, you need to it by hand.

But you shouldn’t need to do that: add as many domains you want to the default certificate :wink: