Let's meet up at Fosdem 2016!

Just added a new blog post http://www.nethserver.org/nethserver-community-at-fosdem-16/

The restaurant is available only at 18:00 or 22.15.

What time we want to choose?

22.15 is definitely better and we may have a beer before

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Hi Alessio I’ll be with +1 :slight_smile:

Good, just added. @robb also for you, right?

Restaurant reserved for 30 people:

Reservation number: 7773569
Date: Saturday 30 January 2016
Hour: 22:15
Address: Sint-Katelijnestraat 26, BE 1000 Brussel
Number of persons: 30

The table will be released after 20 minutes if no one is there at the reservation time!

There are also some special menus for groups: http://amadeus-resto.be/en/menu/groepsvoorstel/

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Sorry I have to skip the evening event. I need to leave early. Still got some kids home to take care of.

I’m sorry but at the moment I do not know if I can come to fosdem (some problems “last minute” at work) :worried:
do not count me for dinner… if i can come over, i’ll join you for a beer

@robb so we have to take a beer during the day :smile:
@dz00te bummer! We will truly miss you, please try with everything you’ve got!

@alefattorini Good idea! I am really looking forward to meeting you all.

A few stickers ready for fosdem


COOL! I need my laptop stickered a bit… :smile:

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My server need this sticker:

The HP logo is exactly 20 mm diameter…


LOL… I can’t. I have a G7 microserver at home, but still running “that other distro” o_O

Robb i think that you should fix that “that other distro” bug :slight_smile:
If you want “we” can help you with a fresh NS iso image


Ahaha that’s a good one! :smiley:

The Microserver G7 hasn’t a x86-64 cpu, and Netserver can’t be installed

We’re also here, NethServer Community Dinner added:


if you’re talking about HP microserver, all of them are on 64bit cpu since epoch… G7 for sure

I close this topic for organization, we can move forward on the other for pics and comment!