LDAP email address is all empty

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.3.1611 (Final)
Module: LDAP email

I’ve deployed NethServer in one of my droplet in DigitalOcean, and hosting account by LDAP localy, when i’m trying to get the user’s email address from LDAP it returns empty as “”, and i checked in the NethServer web interface under Management - Email address, all the users list with empty email addresses, i tried to edit but there’s no option to add/modify the email address.
So how can I get the user’s email address in LDAP?

Do you mean Nethserver LDAP-Server or an other one at the same mashine?
If you mean another one it would be nice if you could post connection settings.

Hi, it’s all in the same machine.

In LDAP the “userPricipalName” should be identically to the email address:

Maybe you can use this.


You already have a built-in <user>@<domain> address, that column lists extra mail addresses for the user.
Do you think we should change the column name?

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Yes, I think something like additional mailadress would be fine.

You should try it at @flatspin’s way, take the userPrincipalName.

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Thanks for all your helps.
I got another question about the DN

as figured above the DN was not like the domain name which I’ve configured as xxxx.com but directory.nh
I use LDAP local accounts provider through Configuration - Accounts provider
why? am i doing something wrong?

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Hi @tommycloud,

It’s default behaviour…but there is an overlay with your domain:



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