Latest Kernel for 7.6?

NethServer Version: 7.6

I try to update a Server but cannot get the latest Kernel, please have a look:


On another LAN, I have been able to update to the latest (I guess) ?


DNS-Servers are and on both Server…

I remember there was a problem with latest upstream kernel for 7.6 with current NethServer mail module.

see Problems with eMail / Dovecot

Could the kernel update be blocked from NethServer repo because of this?

Hi Rob (cc: @mark_nl ),

It works for me. Thank you!


I unlocked the config and locked it agn, after that I was able to update the server. I cannot say what the reason was for this… I tried it a few times (just with the GUI) also with reboots and so on…

Maybe it has something to do with the hardware, it is a HP microserver Gen 10. Nethserver is running as a vm with only 2GB of RAM. We are thinking abt to buy a more powerful Server…

@fausp, The HP Microserver used to be a great server for small companies. Especially the G8. It is upgradable with more RAM and a Xeon E3-1230 (v2), Then it makes a great low-cost server for virtualization.
However, I never used a G10 and I am not sure what options the G10 has with upgrading.

As alternative I can recommend a Supermicro miniITX based server with a Xeon D-xxxx processor. VERY energy friendly with quite some processing power. And It accepts ECC memory which is recommended if you use ProxMox with ZFS…
I currently use a supermicro miniITX with a Xeon D-1521 processor. With 16GB RAM and 6 disks (1 60GB SSD for cahce, 1 250GB HDD for Proxmox system, 2 2TB HDD for raid1 ZFS pool and 2 8TB HDD for raid1 ZFS pool) This system uses around 70W on average without spinning down any disks.

Yes, I use one as backup-server (proxmox 5.x installed on zfs…) mounted via NFS for my Proxmox Hypervisor running abt. 10 VMs and to backup all of my clients with Urbackup.

A friend use it with nethserver:

[root@neth11 ~]# lsblk
sdb                    8:16   0 111.8G  0 disk
├─sdb1                 8:17   0     1G  0 part  /boot
└─sdb2                 8:18   0 110.8G  0 part
  ├─VolGroup-lv_root 253:0    0 103.4G  0 lvm   /
  └─VolGroup-lv_swap 253:1    0   7.4G  0 lvm   [SWAP]
sdc                    8:32   0   3.7T  0 disk
└─sdc1                 8:33   0   3.7T  0 part
  └─md3                9:3    0  10.9T  0 raid5 /var/lib/nethserver
sdd                    8:48   0   3.7T  0 disk
└─sdd1                 8:49   0   3.7T  0 part
  └─md3                9:3    0  10.9T  0 raid5 /var/lib/nethserver
sde                    8:64   0   3.7T  0 disk
└─sde1                 8:65   0   3.7T  0 part
  └─md3                9:3    0  10.9T  0 raid5 /var/lib/nethserver
sdf                    8:80   0   3.7T  0 disk
└─sdf1                 8:81   0   3.7T  0 part
  └─md3                9:3    0  10.9T  0 raid5 /var/lib/nethserver