Last update for NextCloud broken

Hi all,

I’ve seen it on a machine on which I did an upgrade, but also on a new machine, with the following:

nethserver-nextcloud-1.0.4-1.ns7 nextcloud-10.0.4-1.el7

Steps to reproduce: upgrade to the indicated versions.

I can see a “403 Forbidden” error visiting the NextCloud button Application within NS7. As I said, it can be seen here and here; the former was upgraded from previous version, the latter was installed from scratch. Other websites on the same machine still works (example1 and example2).

A listing on the main directory shows nothing helpful:

# pwd; ls /var/www/html/nextcloud apps config core data lib

Can anyone confirm?


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Thanks and sorry not to have searched a lot before, I didn’t find it out before. Closing it a solved.

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You can workaround the problem installing nextcloud 11 from testing.

I’m waiting for the last QA before releasing it :frowning:


In nethserver-updates:

More info:


How soon the update will be released in the update server?

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Please help with testing

Antonio, you can also track at github the bug that needs testing before release:

Thanks for asking, it will be released very soon.

It’s available since today.