Killer features / Pros of NethServer

Hey Community,

I’d like to convince people of NethServer as it is really an amazing server system so I’d like to ask you what are the Pros or Killer Features of NethServer in comparison to other server systems (Ubuntu server, Windows server etc):

I already have a list:

  • libre software
  • very good price for support
  • nice and friendly community where it makes fun to participate
  • amazing features list: web filter, firewall, proxy, VPN, IPS, spamfilter, directory server, mail server, file server, web server, virtualization, groupware, private cloud, PBX and that’s only the base
  • amazing addons list: stephdl-release
  • e-smith config layer auto configures packages to each other
  • online ldap/ad switching
  • modulable, connectable via LDAP/AD, so a gateway nethserver (firewall, proxy, IPS) and an application nethserver (dc, mail, groupware) would be possible easily
  • centos is a stable base os
  • typical scenarios set up REAL fast via Software Center like Webhost, AD File/Printserver or Groupwareserver
  • easy managable via simple well thought web interface
  • allrounder, combining different tools to one configured toolbox
  • runs on arm, even on raspberry pi
  • no reboots/downtimes after feature installations or updates

Are there some points I am missing?


Great idea.
Don’t overlook the community :slight_smile:

You should take a look at

Uhm we should create another category with General discussions about NethServer, comparisons, pros/cons, scenarios and so on…

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Good idea! This category may also help to collect some “marketing material”, which may be reused in presentations or articles…


I did it :slight_smile:

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