July 2015 Development Updates

Last week, we released some updates to add features and fix bugs.
In detail, we added:

  • a new server-manager panel to configure IPsec tunnels
  • support for PPPoE connections
  • option to specify sender email address of the backup report
  • white and blacklist support for the POP3 proxy
  • NAT 1:1 only SNAT
  • trusted networks lib function used everywhere

We fixed some bugs:

  • DNS name resolution from openvpn
  • openvpn access to all green networks (not only the first one)
  • closed firewall policy blocked updates

We added a section to the manual to explain VPNs, both openvpn and IPsec.
To configure a red (wan) interface to use the PPPoE protocol, add a new interface and then configure the PPP options (username and password).
NAT 1:1 old implementation inhibited the use of the SMTP proxy.
The default backup report sender was sometimes blocked by mail servers when the system domain name was not registered.
Access to services running on NethServer are allowed from all trusted networks. All configuration files of the local daemons now accepts connections from all trusted networks through the use of a standard library function.

Additional details could be found on the issue tracker (dev.nethserver.org).
Direct links are available on http://www.nethserver.org/blog-nethserver/ (on the right).


Whoa! Amazing news here! :v: :v:

Great work. :thumbsup:
Also for adding detail information to the VPN section in the manual. I missed it.

@filippo_carletti do you have enough material for a new Development Updates? For example:
http://dev.nethserver.org/issues/3233 or http://dev.nethserver.org/issues/3036