Issues with 7.6 and HyperV 16


Unfortunately I fell into the same trap. My system - although locked - installed 7.6 final but did not upgrade the Kernel.

Cleaning the yum cache helped. But know with the new Kernel the system still seem to have issues such as

  1. Chron / logrotate creates files with xxx.log.1 instead of xxx.log-20181217
  2. The system in bridge mode does not show the external IP in diagnostics
  3. I need to reboot my switch everytime I restart nethserver (seems to be someting strange with the network interface)
  4. TLS Handshake and log-on to Nextcloud (14.04) takes much longer as before.

I’m running NS as a Guest in HyperV 16.

May be it is just a misconfiguration or do I need to add additional repros? Does it make sense to investigate further or is there an easy way to go back to NS 7.5.


If any issue is caused by the latest kernel you don’t need to downgrade the whole system: just select the previous kernel at the system boot prompt to make a quick test.

I can’t reproduce it on a 7.6 here…

I don’t know how this can be related with the upgrade.

Thanks for the hints.

It seems to be the kernel. After reboot with 3.10.0-862.14.4.el7.x86_64 the system is more responsive and no reboot of the switch needed.

Reinstallation of kernel-3.10.0-957.1.3.el7.x86_64 same problems as before.

However it doesn’t look like that I can stay on NS 3.6 with the old -862.14 kernel. For example virtual hosts disappeared from the menu.

What does that mean? Could you send a screenshot?

Isn’t there usually (at least in 7.5) in the menue on the left side an entry Virtual Host?

I can’t find any more.

Furthermore, I had one virtual host for my nextcloud. I can not reach nextcloud with the host name anymore - it routes to the nethserver screen "Congratulations your NS installation is up and runnig. The IP addess of the server x.x.x.x/nextcloud does work.

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Looks like these are two seperate issues.

After “yum install nethserver-virtualhosts” the issue with virtual hosts is gone.

The kernel remains an issue under HyperV. May be I try to install NS 7.6 from the ISO in a new virtual machine to confirm if this is really a bug.

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same problem here on hyper-v 2016 and 2012-r2.
vm was locked, unlocked today to upgrade to 7.6.
With the new kernel ther are problems on eth, booting using previous one seems ok… i’ll do some other test but not today

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Good to know that I’m not alone.

In the meantime I installed the latest Microsoft Linux Integration Services 4.2.7 which provide Kernel RHEL/CENTOS 7.6 according to the release notes.

I also checked if it is due to my setup with SRIOV. Same bug when I run without SRIOV enabled.

I use VLAN for the RED interface. If I find some time then I will plug-in another NIC and try without VLAN.

Runs stable the last 24hours with kernel -862.14.

I’m dealing with the same issue. I’ve booted into the old kernel, but can’t reinstall the integration services because it’s not my most recent kernel, and can’t install them while on the newest kernel because it says that kernel is not supported.

I tested a fresh install of nethserver 7.6 from ISO into a new hyper V 2016 Gen 2 Guest.
Same problem - NS does not get a connection on green interface.

Also verified that the HyperV Host has the latest Intel Nic dirvers.

7.6 with old Kernel performs stable.

Just FTR, as seems related:

No chance to test with vmware or proxmox on your hardware?

Not sure if this is a HW issue. If so then may be the Intel NICs.

The fresh NS install from ISO was on a Supermicro X10srm, E5-2628V4, i350 NICs

I copied the same VM to a HP DL380p Gen8 with E5-2650L V2, i350 NICs.

It’s hard to search the error given yum update does not work (issues to resolve the mirrors; network not reachable; ) which prevents me from adding tools and other modules or the linux integration services.

From time to time I can resolve the mirrors with nslookup. ifconfig looks good.

Can’t test proxmox nor vmware.

I’m not a linux guy and reached an end and will wait unitl a new kernel will be released.

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Good news: Microsoft released LIS 4.2.8 on Jan 14th which according to the release notes seem to solve my Kernel issues under HyperV16. I tried with my fresh installed test nhs 7.6 virtual machine which now gets an internet connection with Kernel 3.10.0-957.1.3.el7.x86_64. I can now run yum update and log into the Web UI.

I’m going to further test before I apply to production but looks good for now.


Tnx Thomas
After installed LIS 4.2.8 on NS 7.6, network interface work without issue with Kernel 3.10.0-957.1.3.el7.x86_64


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Hello Fabio Fusili
on nethserver and hyper-v do I need to install LIS? if you need to install LIS, how should you do it on NS7.6?



without LIS no connection no fun (at least on my HyperV16).

To Install LIS 4.2.8 download the ISO from MS and attached it as CDROM to the NS virtual maschine and mount it after boot.
mount /dev/cdrom /media
cd /media

In case you already have an old version installed then remove it from NS.

Update to the latest kernel 3.10.0-957.1.3 and reboot to ensure the kernel is active.

In case you can not ssh into NS anymore then use Hyper-V Manager and connect from there to the NS virtual machine.

Mount CDROM/iso again.

reboot (and detach cdrom).

You should be done.

I will no longer update the kernel from the software center since it most probably will damage the system until the corresponding LIS package is available.

May be the developers can add a checkbox so that we can deselect the update of the kernel.

In this case, my temporary workaround is disable and enable the network card on the vm, the network card works again until next reboot.


I solved the problems slowness and reachability via browser and ssh with the installation of LIS 4.2.8

now what happens? can I continue to update from the software center if other updates come out?