Issue with disclaimers option

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: Mail

Hello to everyone,

I have noticed an issue with turned option on for disclaimers (Append a legal note to sent messages) with mails which are not plain text but have rich text formatting ( bold, different font, photos in the mail body etc.). When sent, mails, message content is plain text and on the end of the message you have the html formatting part as code or scheme instead of applied formatting on the message. On the beginning I was thinking that is an Outlook issue, but the same happens if you use Thunderbird or even Webtop.

When the option is turned off, then everything is back in place, and rich formatted mails are sent and delivered as they should have. The question is whether only I’m facing this issue or this is a common issue for all user base?

At my job we use a hmail server which is based on dovecot too. We have a behaviour likewise yours (not the same) with html mails. Sometimes if we add a disclaimer with hmail it reformat the mail and writes all html code in one line. This is a problem because much mail servers accept only 1000 character per line.
I think our problems have the same base.
Has somebody an idea to solve it?