Issue admin email

hello guys
i have a problem with admin email
i can log in normally into

but i cant receive any emails from outside specifically to this email
the weird thing is that admin is not listed in the emails section , that’s why you still can create another email called

so admin is listed among users , and can log in to emails , can send but can not receive
when i set up a new email account called and set the forwarding to any other user in the domain , this user can receive messages normally from outside "messages that were supposed to be sent to the admin email

Hi @hany sorry for late response, but do not be a tester with out log files.

Always attach logs with any isseu you have faced with!

Hi Nas
thanks for the response
what kind of lig files should i attach here ?

i got this message whes trying to send send email from outside to admin email
"Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table"

@hany it is normal system behavior.

I have reproduced it; there is no admin in Pseudonym:

and in maillog:

Jan 29 17:38:32 nethserver transfer/smtpd[917]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from[]: 550 5.1.1 <>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table;

It is only ROLE admin which is assigned to your account, if you want to specify admin user you need to add mailbox for him:

thanks for the reply Nas
but i think this is strange
if i can log into webmail as admin
it should have a full email account as default
i ran into this problem when i tried to create SSL certificate through RapidSSL
they sent me the certificate to the domain admin mail but the mail was rejected
i created email account for admin and assigned him to any group and still any emails to admin from outside were rejected
the only way to receive the certificate email was to adjust the settings to forward all emails for admin to any other account
i think these are weird behaviors related to the mail server

Admin, it is ROLE, but not an email account.
It is by design, let’s imagine that you have 2 or 3 email domains, what mail should stand for admin?

So by default, postmaster account stands for receiving emails from SSL and other domain checkers.

cat /etc/postfix/virual
# 10system_accounts
# postmaster postmaster

SO like an Enhancement, we can make admin account by default with postmaster account.

yes i agree , it should be there
because always recognized to be the domain admin account
even when the rapidSLL sent me the ssl certificate they sent it right away to the just to verify that i have full control over the domain and not a regular user on it
this should be default behavior as an enhancement as you said

That’s odd, I’m pretty sure that admin has an account and is able to receive mail by default, after have changed his password /cc @davidep

@alefattorini life is life )

IIRC, when mail-server is installed messages to root (including those to postmaster@ and for system accounts in /etc/aliases) are routed to admin, by the magic inside /etc/postfix/aliases. admin has IMAP access and can read those messages. If the root’s unix mailbox already contains messages (cronjob output, for instance), they are copied to the admin’s maildir during mail-server installation.

The email address admin@… is not created by default. It does not exist, but can be added if desired.

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I suppose that admin mailbox should be created as postmaster one. And abuse mailbox sometimes it helps :wink:

i think it should be there by default
it is the domain admin email
this is how to prove you have full right on that domain , like what happened with me regarding RapidSSL certificate trivialization procedures