Is there an IRC channel for NethServer?

Should I create a #nethserver permanently for the project? There is now one as a temporary channel, but I was thinking: Why isn’t there a permanent one? Do you guys want me to create one for the future?

UPDATE: Wait, what? I though I’ve created the channel, but I’m not an operator. So that means there is already one, just “empty”?

UPDATE2: We need a delete button on this site, cause I couldn’t delete this stupid question. :slight_smile:

In the old times we used to chat on IRC

Then came Discourse (this forum) and it become less active

I think we should keep that chat alive and make a policy about using it. For example, I’ll have to keep my computer ON for a few days now. So I’ll not leave the chat until that. I might be able to help someone who is a bigger rookie than me. :smiley:

BTW: What about the delete option on the forum?

Discussions here on Community are quite in real-time and it works very well for a community in different time zones. I’m a big fan of a unique platform/channel for small communities like ours.
What do you mean with “delete option” You can delete your posts before 60 days after posting