Is it possible to limit VPN access per hour?

NethServer release 7.9.2009
Openvpn 1.6.5

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why you do not set a firewall rule that block vpn network with schedule?

@Mauricionvs any news?

I need to block for certain hours nothing else, not the entire vpn network

I’m reviewing the option to only block users per hour, I’ll try to do it with the firewall


The best and correct way to implement this functionality would be to use RADIUS.
RADIUS has built in functionality to create a per User / Group connection, including limits concerning time, allowed source / target, group membership, available bandwidth, QOS, speed, etc.
RADIUS was actually designed for this, and is a quite old protocoll.

RADIUS is available on NethServer, however, there are no “integrations” for RADIUS in NethServer.
No GUI, no Integration to the two Account Providers (RADIUS could support both!), no integration as WLan AP accounting, no intehration with Apache, Squid (Proxy), Reverse Proxy, SSH, rsync, or VPNs (IPsec/OpenVPN)…

I’m only listing the Apps, functionalitys used or built in to NethServer (eg Apache, not nginx).
Wireguard is not built in, but IPsec and OpenVPN are.

My 2 cents