Invoice / Accounting Web Apps

Continuing the discussion from On The Road towards NethServer 7 Beta 1:

As discussed, I would suggest the inclusion of one or more invoice / accounting web apps in the new NS7.

I feel this is one missing piece of the kit so I went looking around for the options available. I found two really interesting apps:

Invoice Ninja - - it’s a multi-currency invoicing app with a expense tracker and integration with several modes of payment. It has a few hosted editions in pay plans but the self-hosted version is full featured and free. I actually didn’t managed to get it working but i didn’t try very hard either; i think it needs a bit more tweaking to get it working properly

Invoice Plane - - It seems simpler than Invoice Ninja but with similar functionalities. The installation and set up was a breeze and very easy. I quite like the GUI as well.

Webzash - - its a simple accounting app but it’s being actively developed and, in spite of its simplicity (or maybe because of it) I quite like it. Installation is also very straightforward.

I also managed to install NolaPro - - which is a full featured accounting package with lots of features including all of the above. Install is very simple and has a lot of functionality but the GUI hurts my eyes and it desperately needs a new theme (maybe there are, haven’t looked into enough).

Hope NS v.7 can come with some sort of money management software included and hope the suggestions above are a contribute in that regards.

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