Introducing new members on community - 5 Jan 16

It is not available for arm :cry:
If we want this it must be complied from source;
already thought about taking up this challenge although i think a pi is to “light” for the job.
who knows maybe some day…

A brief update of my experience with Nethserver…
We switched from SBS2008 to Nethserver during the first weekend of April (bank holiday here in China). The installation went quite smoothly and the shared folders (important feature for us) were easy to configure and worked without major problem (Nethserver is PDC with 12 clients and 2 printers).
Most of the problems came from the email server, but it turned out I misconfigured something in the domain name; once fixed and set properly the A records, it all started working very well.
My initial plan was to let users decide between Outlook and Thunderbird, but an apparent “BUG” in Outlook 2016 makes it unusable in domains without Exchange; this forced all of us to switch to Thunderbird and this created some dissatisfaction.
The “killer app” that switched the opinion of the user was Owncloud; I started Owncloud in order to share calendar and contacts, thus mimicking Exchange 2007; the possibility to do so across various platforms (IOS and ANDROID) and the added possibilities of the cloud (file sharing between devices and external users) definitely won the users.
Another feature which was very appreciated is the spam filter : now it was really working (in Exchange was a joke…) and cut the amount of spam we receive daily from 100 messages do almost zero.
Summarizing : an overall positive experience and thank to Nethserver I managed to switch over to a Linux based solution despite my inexperience with that type of server OS.
My next targets are : create a backup server (now the backup is running on a USB disk) and revise the UPS structure.
A request : adding APCUPSD to the UPS software would be useful, particularly for all the users with UPS having network interfaces (AP96xx). We have AP9619 with environmental monitoring and we are stuck to it as we have to make sure that the server shuts down in case the air conditioning system fails.

It sounds a good idea.
In the meanwhile, on NS 7, you install it straight from epel:
yum install apcupsd

I already have apcupsd running on NS6.7. I just downloaded the rpm from epel and installed it. The only issue is to configure it for automatic startup (init files).
My wish was to have apcupsd as a package for NS with the same level of integration as NUT (collectd graphs, etc.). As an alternative, it could be helpful to have the apcupsd driver for NUT; in this way we could use NUT on NS as a client of an apcupsd server (i.e. pfSense).

I forgot to mention that I found a small issue in Hylafax : one of the configuration files handled by NS is not properly written. I will try to document it on my test system at home.

Sounds good, please document it soon! We’re so happy to see you back around here!