Introducing new members on community - 4 April 16

GOOOOD Monday NethServer Tribe!

How is it going? We have a common ritual here, as you already know rituals are so important since they play a key role in at least two key aspects of community spirit: membership (the feeling that members have of belonging), and a shared emotional connection (a shared faith in community members commitment to be together)

Every Monday we give a big warm welcome to our new members, so please, if you’re new here, don’t be shy and don’t be worried about your English but take a minute to comment below and tell us:

  • What specifically are you working on at the moment?
  • What brings you to NethServer?
  • How would you like to be involved in our community?

Looking at you @GuBo @Artem_Voylenko @Adam_Reed @raffaella @Miko10 @davidx @Adl @carlosmg111 @Daniel_Mogollon_M

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Working on moving our companies from Zentyal to NethServer, everything has been perfect, except for one issue =\ ( 1:1 NAT with IP RANGE )

Ehi Adam, nice to meet you! Would you mind adding a few details about your moving? Which companies?
How would you like to be involved here? Maybe lending a hand with this?

Hi, Alessio,

I’ve either worked with or used various Linux distros since Y2K but the very first was a desktop Red Hat and the most recent have been RHEL with which I was a systems, network, and security admin at IBM before being laid off with hundreds of others three years ago here in northern Vermont. Since then I had another short-term position with CentOS and have done a variety of other short-term and temporary international consulting projects in the RH and CentOS communities but nothing earth-shaking to speak of, just helping out here and there.

My current situation is that I am cranking up my own business, a combination of online and meatspace, and will be using the Nethserver platform as my primary IT infrastructure, along with OwnCloud. Right now I’m only at the stage of research and setting up and configuring the office/server space and the network, but am looking forward to the install in the next couple of weeks if everything else pans out OK.

I can see being more involved in the community as I go through the whole process and run into the inevitable glitches and road blocks and/or as I find, hopefully, newer and better ways of doing things.

Thanks much for your interest.

Regards from a very windy little village on the northeast end of Lake Champlain…


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Ehi Dave, great to see you in here and welcome.
You’re an RHEL/CentOS sysadmin so I’m really interested in your feelings about NethServer. What do you think about? How can it be useful for “command line man” like you?

Great going! You should talk with some people who are heavily focused on testing NethServer for their own business
@eliezer.axiem @a4rgl

How would you like to be involved? Check our volunteering page or start off providing your voice

Link your little village here.

Tengo buen tiempo trabajando con software opensource, en el lado de servidores he trabajado con debian, redhat, centos…pero, andaba buscando una herramienta, que me haga, más sencilla la administracion y asi fue que he llegado a probar Nethserver. Ya he hecho la migración de un servidor de correos centos a mano y un pdc… y ahi vamos , adaptandome… :wink:
Espero poder contribuir, desde este rincón del planeta llamado Perú…

Daniel, great to see you here from Perù! You’re welcome.
Would you mind translating your message into English?
Community is primarily English speaking, for ease of everyone here, you might have to be patient :slight_smile: