Introducing new members on community - 26 Oct 15

It’s monday again

as every week it’s time to welcome all of our amazing new members to this group! We’ve had a few new faces here
@thorsten @carld @ebduca @reconnect @Luv_Maloo @cyph3r0track @dmitrind @haliparotin @Newser

  • Who are you?

  • What you’re working on?

  • What brings you to NethServer!

  • What interesting software do you have found lately? How you spent your free time?

  • Do you have already tested/installed NethServer? What’s your feedback?

  • If you haven’t read it yet please give a look to our Top Discussions and the Getting Started Topic

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Hey ya, Howdy!!

Please to be a part of this rocking community well I’am Luv, Network Support Manager with a startup from India.

Since it’s a startup there’s not much of a IT involvement & things needs to get streamlined so we’re trying to put Nethserver (everything but AD/Samba) & Zentyal (PDC - AD/Samba) as a gateway servers. Initially had lot of issues with both of 'em as we were aligned to MS since dark age :smiley:

Cutting to chase, we’ve provided WAN connection to eth0 port & connected eth1 to Zentyal’s interface which is acting as gateway for end users & Nethserves - plain vanilla, so far so good :smiley: Now, the next step is to bring test system in Zentyal’s domain and apply use uber cool features of Nethserver (Firewall, Proxy, Owncloud, SOGO, Print & File server intially) during the comming weeks & see the functionality in the testing environment.

That’s about it & still exploring :wink:


Hi to all,

A passionate guy who loves technology, a Filipino working in Singapore as IT Executive. As of the moment I’m handling 4 companies here, 1 in Thailand and 1 in Malaysia.

When I joined the company, they don’t have anything here like firewall, AD, storage, inventory system for IT stuffs etc. This is the reason why I tried PFSense, ClearOS, Zentyal, Nagios, and OCS NG.

But I saw this website and check the features and functionality of nethserver, I am so amaze because all the things I’m looking for is in this server. if everything works well, I will install this server to those companies :smile:

I want to replace our primary AD, setup a firewall, install OCS for inventory, captive portal for my users on the laptop, web filtering, proxy, and nagios for monitoring.

actually I just finished setting up my nagios last week before I found this website :smiley:

Right now I experiencing some issue when installing this server but I will look around to this website for the solution or may ba post a question.

I didn’t join any community before, this is my first time and my experience? AWESOME! this community is very friendly, cool and very relax when talking to each other.

sorry for the my bad english, this is not my native language :smiley:

that’s for all for now :slight_smile: hoping become a regular visitor to this community… cheers everyone! :smile:


Ehi @Luv_Maloo welcome among NethServer people! Yeah, you’re part of a rocking community! Enjoy!
Check Zentyal discussions and chime in!
Please, open soon a new topic sharing with us your achievements

Welcome @ironsky from Singapore, I’m seeing a lot of expertise here. Check out our VS discussions and share your knowledge!
NethServer vs ClearOS
Zentyal vs NethServer comparison matrix
Nethserver Firewall vs PFSense
NethServer comparisons with other similar products
NethServer vs Endian

Look at this if you haven’t done yet, @nrauso and @jobezic are your men

It is too early to tell, you haven’t even met @Jim you can’t ever relax with him ahah :slight_smile: I’m joking
Don’t worry for your English, our fellows here are really patient!

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Hi there,

Thorsten, from Germany. I startet running c’t Server Project based on Debian in 2003 and Switch to Ebox (later Zentyal). Having quite a lot of experiences using ubuntu Linux. I love the ubuntu Approach as it is quite intuitive and you can allways find help, Manuals and howtos. I even made KVM run on Zentyal besides the official, quite Buggy modules.

Now more and more disappointed on Zentyals strategy, I descided to try out something else. Nethserver and ClearOS are obvious candidates.

At the mean time, Nethserver is running on a VM for Trial purposes. I am shure, Nethserver will meet my Need, but the question is how much efford I will Need to put in for individual custominsation. Besides that, I fear the huge amount of new Linux Terms I will Need to learn. First was that I will Need to use YUM instead of apt-get - It was necessary to install nano …

so, lets see

Beste regards

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Ehi man, welcome! We already have amazing German/Zentyal people here, I think that @gerald_FS is your man in this case. You might start to help him with german translations, would you like to lend a hand:

It’s fair and you’re right, changing his own platform isn’t easy at all. Would you like to help us to write down a simple getting started howto to drive Zentyal refugees into such journey? You might gather which challenges, issues, differences you will face. What do you think? Le’ts open a new topic about it now!

Hello ,and a Good day to all. My name is Dwayne and I’m from Barbados. I have been a Linux enthusiasts from the early days of fedora core 1, Mandrake and Qnx; which came on floppy discs. This is my first time with Nethserver . I have been looking for platform that can handle a few needed things like file storage ( for mobile devices and desktops along with a good firewall just for starters. From there I’d like it to speak to my Apc UPS so that it can shut down cleanly if power is out for a long time :smile:
Later I’d like to see what other modules are available, but that it for now.


Barbados? please send us a picture from your window. It must be amazing

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@Newser - Welcome Mate :smiley:

Hello, Im Kris From PA, USA. i have been playing around with linux for about 10 years now, i come from a ClearOS background, Helped build up the brand here is the US. Now its time to move on and start with free. ii take it most of the ppl on here are not from the US. (just Guessing) opened to learn and play around with linux and os.


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@chcllc - Welcome to the community mate

Interesting, would you help us chiming in into discussions like this? Really curious about your point of view!

Would you mind to tell us why? Technical or business reason?

Indeed, our community is now pretty international but we have also many people from US, for instance @Adam and @fasttech


Now its time to move on and start with free
Would you mind to tell us why? Technical or business reason?

Both, ClearOS was all about makeing money.

I don’t stay with ClearOS for the same reason: Too commercial.