Introducing new members on community - 23 Nov 15

Good morning NethServer Tribe!!
At the start of every week, we take a moment to recognize and welcome all of the new members who have joined the community: @Puneet.shukla5 @emeka @davidochobits @CasN @mori @Alessio_Ferri @buddha @angelboy @michelfritsch @murdok @121marco @avalon_linux

Please share with us:

  • Who are you?
  • What you’re working on?
  • What brings you to NethServer!
  • What interesting software do you have found lately? How you spent your free time?
  • Do you have already tested/installed NethServer?
  • If you haven’t read it yet please give a look to our Top Discussions and the Getting Started Topic

Welcome to the NethServer community. Kick your shoes off and make yourselves at home.


Good day to all!
First of all, sorry for my english. It is not very well, and i hope, everybody could understand my letters :slight_smile:
My real name is, of course, not Buddha. It’s Andrey. I am russian. My work is sysem administration. Last months i seek something to switch from Kerio WInroute to. So i used Yandex, Google and so on to find a firewall that meets my needs:

  • NAT
  • proxy with URL filtering and log repoting
  • DHCP server
  • VPN lan-to-lan and roadwarrior. Any kind
  • GUI
  • Multi WAN
  • maybe something else
    Three distro’s took my attension. Fourt’h was Zentyal, but it was so slow, hard and had glitches… So, three: ZeroShell, pfSense and NethServer. I found NS when it was 6.6. And after clean installing it does absolutely nothing. No net, no GUI, just console. And i forgot it for a couple of months. ZeroShell was not bad, but their OpenVPN doesn’t work without some magic. OpenVPN in pfSense allowed me to consolidate two my subnets. It was accceptable but not enough. IPSec in pfSense (2.2.2-…-2.2.4) was just bad. Unstable tunnels. So i turned back to NS. Now it is 6.7, and after last updates it works pretty well. I still not deployed it, but i want to test it deeper. I’m interesting for SAMBA and all around it (fileserver, PDC with LDAP), ejabberd. NS is good and feature rich distro. There was one more CentOS based thing - ClearOS 6.x. But it has not enough features.
    My free time… I read science fiction, try to write science fiction. And when my eyes are not too tired after work, i practise in bowshooting :smile:

Ehi man,
welcome aboard! There are plenty of russians here: @oleg_sadov @vasya @amarovita @Serg_M @alk @vfo123 @Ivan_Aronov @kelevra I’m sure that they’re happy to welcome you!
Looks that you’re very expert about PFsense, ClearOS and Zeroshell. Would you like to help us providing your voice in NethServer development and roadmap? While I can’t promise developers will implement every idea I can say that these ideas will be actively monitored.
You can also chime in existing discussions as:

or create a new one with a comparison between NethServer and Zeroshell, @rothere might help you. What do you think?