Introducing new members on community - 16 Nov 15

Another week is just started, last days we have organized an amazing community hangout, in case you missed let’s watch it!

As every Monday I’m here to give a warm welcome to the NethServer Tribe to our new members:
@vasya @uhilario @amarovita @Deepak_R_Kumar @karanik @xExTreMex @SystemEd-Jacob @slicursio @Adam_S @1112 @omega

Please share with us:

  • Who are you?
  • What you’re working on?
  • What brings you to NethServer!
  • What interesting software do you have found lately? How you spent your free time?
  • Do you have already tested/installed NethServer?
  • If you haven’t read it yet please give a look to our Top Discussions and the Getting Started Topic

Thanks to @apradoc for coined the term NethServer Tribe :slight_smile:



I live in Brazil, more precisely in itaguaí- (Rio de Janeiro).

I’m doing several tests, thinking of replacing a windows2012 server (AD - PDC) and add a PROXY.

I work at city hall, and had good results with webproxy for up to 700 stations.

When I see all the possibilities, I ask myself:

It’s crazy using the community version for so many stations?

One thing is right. Has a nethserver running here!

Do I make part of these “2000 Nethserver instances in the world”?

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How many windows server are you replacing?
If I’m well understand you are replacing ONE windows Server by ONE Nethserver.,
Nethserver is capable to do the same job as Windows 2012.

Before your inscription there was 19 Nethservers in Brazil… Now there 's 20

Did you enter data in the module “organisation contact”?
If the answer is yes…You are a part of the 2000 :smiley:


No @Jim, to appear on the map you have to select “Contribute to usage statistics” on the first configuration wizard.

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@filippo_carletti thank you to correct :smiley:

Thank you for the Welcome
Hello I am Nikolaos Karanikolas
I live in Ptolemaida, city of Macedonia in Greece.
I am working in a company with 30 Users.
I allready have 2 Servers with MS Server 2008. Primary and Secondary
Now my Primary Server has this services , Primary Domain Controller,Active Directory,DNS,File Server,Print Server,DFS with Secondary.
For Routing,Firewall,Proxy,VPN,DHCP i use pfSense
For Hypervisor i use Proxmox
For Backup i use OpenMediaVault

Now i find NethServer because I am looking for alternative to MS Exchange server and MS Outlook client.I don’t have MS Exchange server and i don’t want it.I want local email server that it will work as email client.
In more detail, I want the local email server to download and store the email from multiple email domains and acoounts.

I have tested Zimbra and Zentyal solution but it didn’t support multi-SMTP for one account, like MS outlook client.

User login as and that user can send and recieve from

Is this possible with Nethserver (SelfHosting)?
I have not finish with testing of Nethserver yet.

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Hi @karanik welcome aboard! We have another great guy from Greece, our translator @gsiotas
Would you like to chime in into the discussion about pfsense? I’m interested in your thoughts.
About mailserver configuration I just split it into a new post