Introducing new members on community - 11 Apr 16

Happy Monday NethServer Spartans!
Hopefully by this point you’ve shaken off the Monday morning aches and you’re taking on your week like a champion. :checkered_flag:

Welcoming our new members is really important. We get to see who everyone is, and they get a chance to introduce themselves and meet some existing members.

I’m proud to announce that this week 18 new members are joined up our amazing group! Maybe thanks to this?
So if you are new here, please comment on this thread and tell us:

  • What specifically are you working on at the moment?
  • What brings you to NethServer?
  • How would you like to be involved in our community?

Looking to you: @Manuel_Perez @russellsouthey @icebal @timlg98 @Souvik_Chakraborty @vstamenkov @Max @Matteo_Simone @lcamedia_loano @Anty @Juan_Fernandez @Conrado_Rebuffo @it.ariesgroup @morvio @Silvio_Crispiatico @BetoWagner @michaelwfullerton

I love to hear from everyone – even if you just say hi.

saying Hi…a little late lol. been using nethserver for about a year, after jumping ship from the sinking Zentyal.

How do you use it? Which modules? In a company or at home? Btw welcome to the jungle! :slight_smile:

home router, modules depend on the day and mood, but the main ones are routing, statistics, monitoring, and setting up snmp right now. still trying to get used to the DB commands, as im used to the actual commands.

So another home user here, I have to agree with @Jim

I would suggest to not target anything ( design for small office and medium enterprise), but to present Nethserver as a product, or to present what Nethserver is and what it can do. And let the visitor decide how he can use Nethserver

Regarding the router, this is a good post about NethServer as Firewall UTM