Introducing new member on community - 26 Apr 16

Hello NethServer community!!
This morning I want to kick things off right so we’re going to welcome all of our new members who have joined the community this past week! So many awesome 26 new members! (Woah!)

Welcome to the community. Consider this your safe place for any challenges, ideas and discussions related to NethServer.

First of all, I just want to shout out some members who started great conversations in the group this last week @stephdl @trpted @davidep @danielecurto and @MartinsZB @mansoor.tariq @riccardo78 @jrab66 who answered my previous welcome message.
Then, a couple quick updates to my welcome message, I’m going to add the country near your name and something about your first posts here.

Ok, let’s go ahead and welcome all of our amazing new members, yes? If you’re new here, this is your chance to introduce yourself and get to know other community members.
Please comment below and tell us:

  • What brings you to NethServer?
  • What specifically are you working on at the moment?

Looking at you!

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[quote=“alefattorini, post:1, topic:3258”]
What brings you to NethServer?[/quote]
I love techonology (work in ITSec) and have many computers in my home. I used Zentyal for a very long time as a personal AD domain and security for my network. Then they started taking out things that were important to me, so I went on a search for a replacement. Found Nethserver about 2 years(?) ago and have been very pleased. I use it for domain management (so all my computers don’t need separate passwords), Content filtering (Mostly blocking ads and malware), Owncloud (love having control over all my data), IPS and of course firewall.

After resolving the samba issues (with help from this community) the next thing on my list is working on home automation been playing around with CastleOS and think it will do all the stuff I want.

I am in the process of moving as much of the network facilities I use/need in my (small) business to self-hosted solutions.
Currently I am running several VM’s providing web, database and Slack-like services to my users.

The last OS X Server solution running is my mailserver, which is becoming more and more unstable by the day.

I am currently migrating OS X Open Directory and Mail service to Nethserver.

After migrating to Nethserver, this specific VM will be used for mail, calendar and addresbook, effectively replacing the current OS X Server Mail service and iCloud Calendar and Addressbook.

Also looking at the possibility of deploying a second Nethserver VM for network management (Adagios et al).

Ehi guys, great to see you here and thanks for posting and introducing yourself!

@cswain we’re working on a guide about switching from Zentyal to NethServer, What do you think about? Might it be useful? We have already a great comparison and many topics on that

@jaapvdv what do you mean with Slack-like services to my users ?

Woah, this is cool! Someone might be happy to hear that @Jim @Lincee @ibico @Paulo_Rodrigues
How is it going?

Anyway, you’re welcome!

I prefer to have provide self-hosted services to my users (inside the company, which is only a few people and to those that work on projects with us).
Apparently Slack is not self-hosted so I am using an open source ‘Slack-clone’, Mattermost.

Mattermost is running in an Ubuntu 14 LTS VM behind an Apache transparent reverse proxy on my webserver (Debian Jessie VM).

As for the migration from OS X Server OD and Mail: luckily only a small numbers of users approx. 25 so nothing exciting here that makes tinkering with export/import scripts necessary. It was a good opportunity, however, to have a look at the users & groups and mail addresses again. The shared mailboxes are a nice perk of Nethserver.

When I made the switch they had just taken out the proxy and firewall components. A switching guide would have been nice, but I just blew it all away and recreated what I had. About 10 users accounts and 20 different computer accounts. Then spent a few days tweaking all the rules for how Neth looked at things.

Hi, I still a problem at winexe dependencies, but system works good. I understood that there will be soon a patch, to resolve this issues.

P.D. Sorry for bad english :yum:.

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I’m really curious to see details.

And welcome here

I love Mattermost, as you see here. Would you like to join our forces? I’d like to take this opportunity of learning something new.
Can you help me to setup it on NethServer?

@ikari84 feel free to provide your voice in NethServer development

Yes, some advice about it might be useful. Can you reply to this topic?

I work in IT support using mainly MS Windows kit but all my home servers are Linux. Started with e-smith donkey’s years ago then went to Clark Connect then ClearOS then found NethServer - it’s pretty good. Talking of e-smith, I still have an e-smith box in the office running as a stand alone fax server, it’s beige which tells you how old it is and I’ve no idea when it was last rebooted, probably when we had a power cut a couple of years ago.

Playing with OwnCloud.

Greetings! I come to Nethserver while working on a network infrastructure improvement project for a large school and children’s home in Central America. We had been using Zentyal for DHCP, traffic filtering, Intrusion prevention, etc. Our new approach is to install decent routers (I’m playing with MIkrotik & EdgeRouter) as our gateway devices and offload much of the core network, QOS and security work to them. Possibly move to Vlans to segregate traffic.

My current goal is to move the server off to the side and use it as primarily a proxy server, with the router directing traffic to it. Zentyal has decided to depreciate the proxy server functionality, so I started looking around and I’m liking what I see of Nethserver so far… and it’s community!

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Ehi Richard, so you know the ClerOS stuff very well :slight_smile: I wonder if you have any thoughts on this

@filippo_carletti will be happy to hear this :slight_smile:

Woah! You have to meet up our Evangelist @apradoc he’s involved in education too!
Glad to know about your move, how are you replacing Zentyal with NethServer? Please share your experience.

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Manuel, what brings you to NethServer? What specifically are you working on at the moment?

I have been running a home Linux server for about 13 years or so. I was initially using e-smith and progressed naturally to SME Server until it felt like it was standing still and being in the middle of some political battle of company vs community. (Going by memory here).
Ah, the good old days of the strange qmail server. :slight_smile:
I then switched to Clark Connect and later Zentyal which served well for my website, mail, security, and other needs. When they decided to strip out several useful packages I could at least stay on the old version but then by divine, unannounced fiat my critical functions were lost overnight, e.g. mail. Thus began a frantic day of searching for an alternative, which led me to Nethserver. Some old familiar bits (how do those templates work again?), some comfortable bit, and some new stuff.

It was really a shame about Zentyal - I liked it and it had a fair backup solution over FTP. (This is where I won’t mention that none of the Nethserver backup solutions work for me - I get errors. Looking into some solutions).

And that’s about it.

Was that okay, Alessio? :wink:

Backup. First fix my own issue by getting a FAT32 stick. Then if I get lots of time, work on FTP backuop


From SME Server to NethServer? Great path :slight_smile:
Welcome here, make this your place.
So do you have any NethServer installation yet?

I suggest to narrow a little bit the idea, please can you open a new topic describing the proposal?

Thank you man.

Yes, my home server is running smoothly-ish. I have a USB network card that throws out a few annoying errors on the console but a) it’s maybe once per hour, b) it’s far from serious, and c) it’s a known bug caused by the kernel so it’s nothing Nethserver can be held responsible for. :slight_smile:

Briefly, I would like to backup over FTP. When I get a bit more time I’ll dig into the various settings and action scripts to see if I can make that option available as it is supported by duplicity. I can already see that the three options available all involve mountable destinations, so it may be more involved than just throwing in a new option with suitable parameters.

And I’m am of course reading threads like backup-data-cloud. No sense in ignoring valuable experiences from other users. :grin:

(Btw, I found an old USB disk with a separate powersupply(!) and used the instructions in the Backup manual page to format it with ext3. Works like a charm now.)

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Please open a new topic adding more details, I’d like to go further!