Internet is very slow with proxy

NethServer Version: 7.0
Module: Firewall >>> Proxy

i have nethserver working as firewall fine but when enable proxy mode the browsing is very slow and blocking many of SSL connections as Gmail and google,in additional to skype looping all the time with all users. i noted the RAM reached to 92% when proxy enabled, kindly advise what can i do to solve this issue.

Can you check what your processor(s)/threads are doing in terms of percentages used? If those are touching 100% frequently that is a bigger problem than your RAM reaching 92% (wich is not 100%.
Also can you check if there is a lot of swapping taking place? This kicks in when you RAM is full and more RAM is needed. Your swap partition will be acting as temp RAM, which slows down your server.
More info on swap partition in Linux:

Could you please check if you have “forgery” messages? Details and solution already discussed here: