Installing whmcs on nethserver


I would like to make a proposition for assistance.
I would like to install whmcs on its own server running nethserver, while making use of all the strong features that nethserver has to offer, including the builtin database and vhost.
limit by ip, etc.

the installation would be made on preferably a subdomain…
WHMCS has become a tool that most people doing online business require in order to handle their billing needs. and I know many would appreciate an even simpler way to install on a dedicated server/VPS.

also configuring cron jobs to work correctly,
and setting up the security setps as defined on their site.

I changed the category to Feature request, since it is something not yet available on NethServer.
@oneitonitram, can you point me to the repository where anyone could download and install WHMCS from? At first glance from their website I don’t see any option and it looks like this is not Opensource software. Am I right?

/edit: found some info on installing WHMCS:
/edit2: also found their repo:

I don’t believe whmcs is an open source software


I have previously tested this software

just ftp the upload files to your vhost folder go to the domain its installed at and follow the on screen instructions.

Its pretty simple its the same as installing any other website script.

what about setting up cron jobs

What about it?

hwere is the location to set itup

There’s a module:

or you can do it the good old fashion way with the cli lmao