Installation on HPGen10 and raid

Hello, I have a small misunderstanding problem

I have HP gen 10 mini (i hope the hardware is powerful enoug) with 1ssd + 3 drive+ 1 free place

I came from Debian with OMV mdadm for raid

Ususally with other nas distribution I put the system on SSD and data on 1 of the 3 drive mirrored via mdadm. So I can add my home draws my child draws etc etc

For data I mean the shared folder created with samba sharing.

My installation will be AD+ shares I have tried it on VM and it works well, now I like to put it in the real home enviorment.

But how to do a proper installation?

You may just use mdadm, here is a howto about managing RAID with mdadm in Nethserver.

Nethserver stores the samba shares in /var/lib/nethserver/ibay so you may just mount it as you like:

By default Nethserver installs itself on the first two harddrives with RAID1, if you don’t want that you may change it:

I never tried to setup RAID with the graphical installer but it’s possible too:

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Thanks she image saved me.

Ok I have accomplished the task… not without some trouble in gui.

The idea is

  1. Select all drives…simple
    2)When you are in the manual partitioning
    2.1)+ to create the /var/lib/neth… mount point (manually tape it)
    2.2)On the right there is to select the raid level and the involved disk !REMEMBER!: shrink the size at minimum then update
    2.3) go on and create /boot (shrink the size)
    2.4) / (shrink the size)
    2.5)swap (shrink the size)
    2.6)for each partition modify the selected disk or disks and raid if you need it
    2.7)Move the space for the partition
    Why I told this because mount point are created in the last partition so at the begin i created on 3 disk using all space the mount point /var related to the partition but i can’t go on no more space.

After that it is seimple.

What is the result…

you have disks (sdc,sdb,sdd) with own partition(sda1,sda2,sda3) in raid with md with on top lvm partition

when you lose a disk you have to put another inside create an unformatted partition and mdadm --add it to the raid.

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I recently moved from a HP Gen7 Microserver to a DIY server built with better specs, but even de Gen7 could perfectly run NethServer7.

I think the gen10 defaults to 8GB memory and that should be more than sufficient to run NethServer.
In @mrmarkuz example a 10GiB partition is used for /var/lib/nethserver/ibay
Personally, I would prefer to use /var/lib/nethserver as mountpoint. Then all home directories are also covered for that ‘data’ partition.
You could argue if you need a separate /boot partition, but it is not ‘wrong’ to have one.


OK! I have done the job, at the end with @mrmarkuz image I installed all the system on the thisk and replicate it in raid1. I don’t need the speed i need the data aviable.

I have to say that the most useful path are


The first one is the shared folder place
The second one is user home where they put private data.

2018-05-03 10_27_17-root@nethserver1_~

If I add a disk I create the partition and add them at the mdadm array

Thanks for the effort!!

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You’re welcome. Please mark the answer as solution to help others to easily find a solution.