Installation not working out

Having trouble getting Nethserver 7 to work.
It is a clean installation of 7.3.1611on a computer with ADM A6 processor using two 1TB drives a RAID1. Computer has two Ethernet connectors ETH0 for Red and ETH1 for Green.
During installation only ETH1 is connected to my Netgear Nighthawk router. Installation finished fine, and if I leave ETH1 as DHCP I can connect to server from another computer on the network and use Server Manager to try out configuration options. If I leave ETH1 as DHCP I can install additional modules and install updates, as well as AD. If ETH2 is configured as fixed (192,168.1.2) nothing works and I now get the “AccountProvider_error_82” which means nothing to me and searching the forum does not make it any clearer. Finally if ETH0 is configured as DHCP (per ISP requirements) server does not connect and you get the “clear yum cache” message.
What am I doing wrong? I am waring out my DVD drive with these endless installations.