Install ns7 as mail server in AD alongside existing exchange server

NethServer Version: 7
Module: nethmail

I want to replace our existing exchange 2010 server with nethserver and sogo but wanted to perform a staggered migration i.e a few users at a time.

So my question is can netserver be installed as an AD mail server alongside an existing exchnage mailserver or will one or the other try to grab this functionality.

I also considered installing it outside the domain as an LDAP standalone server but would prefer to make it part of the domain so that all internal users are automatically populated and security etc is automatically set up.

On another topic I’d like to export the self signed certificate so that I can add to the trusted root certificates in domain policy on the DC how is the crt exported?

There are other ways to migrate. Why complicated small steps, when properly tested, one could do it off business hours in one go? Then again I am not a MS guy.

I think it’s no problem to join the domain and to setup a second mailserver, but a slave AD is not possible at the moment. @davidep hopes to develop it for cockpit.

Ideally you’re right but we have around 60 users all using exchange and (for the most part) outlook clients
sogo seems the best drop in replacement from the research I’ve done so far but does seem to involve manual importing exporting for each mailbox calendar etc.

I also have a group of users who currently use webmail for email and was going to use them as my beta testers if you like without it having any impact on other users at all.

That mini setup also gives me some ammunition to convince my boss that this is what we should do as he typically prefers MS products but will I think be convinced by the working installs

Joining the existing active directory domain is fine for my needs, joining a second mail server to the domain is just not something I’ve done before and wondered if anyone had any experience of it?
and the slave domain does look very interesting I’ll keep it in mind for other potential projects.

@support_team Has someone experience with it?

Would you please open a second topic for this?

Will do, thanks for your help so far.

Fair enough.

I have no Exchange knowledge, but I do know that imapsync is easy enough to use to mirgate imap mail from A to B

e.g. Migrating nethsever between cloud vps servers


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