Install Nethserver as AD with linux and windows clients

well it worked with 2012 server. I’ve used the registry key for win7 so I suppose it should work with win7 at least :smile:


Good info… thanks for sharing…
I have this question from so long…may be it sounds silly…
Can we replace Windows AD Server with AD on Linux?
WIll I be able to manage windows machines using this Linux AD server?
If yes, any limitations?
I have Windows server running as AD Server for 300 desktops, just to manage users. With lot of space and RAM. So, I want to replace it with Linux to make that hardware more usable with other apps.

Well managing the AD tree is what i’m trying to do right now.
First I need to be able to connect to LDAP. I’m trying with APACHE Directory studio ( but until now i could not connect to it :frowning: I miss the information required to connect to LDAP.

So, Ii can’t say for sure that you can manage the computers from SAMBA AD. One thing for sure is that you do not have GPOs like in SAMBA 4 yet
If anyoane has success with connecting to LDAP please share so we can make progress with this HOW-TO :smile:


Thisis a fantastik HowTo. With this I should be able to do it on my own and I am a newbie :smile:

I found a small mistake as fare as I tested it.

To get the webcontrol page a https connection is necessary.

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@Ctek might be happy to hear this :wink:
Good work!

Anyway long instructions are great for us easily copy text in some situations. Hard to find the right pics/text mix :smile:

@Ctek Thanks a lot for taking the time to write this. Community’s guides like this one are really demystifying these tasks. It would take me days to find and understand how to do what you explain here, you made it clear. I’ve not yet finished to read it but thank you again for this step-by-step tutorial, you really take us by the hand “come with me, I’ll show you how easy it is” :wink: Luv it

just read this howto now…

please, @all, be aware that NS can act only as DC in NT style, not in AD style…

it can be part of an AD domain

IMO this should be clearly visible in above howto.

Sure, if you need data to copy/paste then I suggest using the discourse code snippet while you are describing an operation by web UI a screenshot fits better.

Hi FenyX, Thank you for your words and I hope that this HOW-TO it helped you.
Please take into account that it is not yet finished due to the lack of time :frowning:

And also what Stefano (Zamboni) sayed is true. It is a Domain controller as NT not Active Directory.

Maybe we will have time to perfect this soon :smiley:

Best regards

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Right, and screenshots make it look less impressive to beginners, hehe. Like a breath taking between text blocks.:slight_smile:


Why this stuff is not in the wiki yet?

Put it in howto ht_application :wink:

That’s a super HowTo.
It MUST definitely go on Wiki!

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Anyone has a minimal idea of how to do that?

i am newbi and this is my 1st post after long time as sr.

i want use NS as AD in our school.

  1. does NS sso support moodle? (enroll user from ns database)
  2. mikrotik as router and NS just for AD. so our server have 1NIC. how about the configuration?

The question is not if NS sso supports Moodle, but if Moodle supports NS authentication. The answer is yes and can be found in Moodle documentation:

For your 2nd question: just configure 1 interface as green and do not install the firewall/UTM module. You can decide to hand over DHCP and DNS to NethServer instead of the mikrotik router. If you need the proxy service, I would consider a second interface since a single interface can be bypassed. In the case of a second interface you can ‘double nat’ NethServer behind the mikrotik.


I also urgently would need some suggestions to this topic!
Thanks in advance

Does anybody knows, if that´s working:
(it´s from )

Entry in /etc/gdm/PreSession/Default – This is helpful if you are doing GUI login. rsync -av /{central Storage Path}/.home/$USER/ /home/$USER/ --size-only

Entry in /etc/gdm/PostSession/Default – This is helpful if you are doing GUI login. rsync -av /home/$USER/ /{central Storage Path}/.home/$USER/ --size-only This will copy home directory back from /home to central home directory. Optionally - we can also do following to clear out home directory from workstations but this will take time with every login. rm -fvR /home/$USER/*

Hi Thomas,
I think that First you need to see if you can make the folders available over NFS.
Then try to implement the login from the Linux workstation.

The process of mounting homes should be the same as the one from the LTSP but I did not have time to dig into how it is done effectively.

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Thanks for replying, we’re going to discuss that.
We do have a problem because our EMR needs the share as gvfs or defined in the fstab.
cifs, smb or nfs are unfortunately not accepted, although it is a java app using the mysql database.