Install Nethserver 7.8.2003 “final” in VPS


Hi Expert,

I plan to install Nethserver 7.8.2003 in VPS for Mail server, Groupware, Team Chat and Private Cloud and going NethServer Subscription “Crostino Good Starter”
Please recommend step to install and system requirements

Thank you


Hi Ya_Ley

See this here:[]=dummy

AFAIK at the moment, only DigitalOcean provides a full NethServer installation as a hoster, for all others you need to start of with Centos minimal.

Just follow the instructions above!

System requirements:

  • 8 GB RAM will get you going a long way.
  • 2 or 4 CPUs also help a lot.
  • Disks: Depends on how much data you expect, and a bit of spare space!
  • Start with Centos Minimal!

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask here! Our motto is:
The only dumb questions are the ones never asked!

Good Install!

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Hi Andy,

Thank you very much.


Hi Ya_Ley

If it works for you, please add in Solution (you’re the opener of this post/problem…) to your Post on top, so others with a similiar problem can find & solve their problem…

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