Install NethServer 7.5 on ProxMox (5.2)

Since the existing Howto on installing NethServer as a VM on a ProxMox Hypervisor was kind of outdated, I gave it a shot and created a new howto. You can find the howto in the wiki:


What I find weird is when clicking the images, I get an “access denied” ?


Confirmed. Strange as it shows the thumbnails.

I think it is set like this on the whole wiki. Other howto’s also give this error.
I adjusted the size off the images a bit so they are a bit better readable.

I think I found it:

A picture is shown with following link: (without id)

whereas this is not working

Hi @robb,
thanks for the new howto. I have a question, why do you put it at the wiki and not at the howto section here?

Generally spoken, isn’t it better to have one place for help, instructions and howto’s? (Perhaps this question should be handled in another thread)

PS: At the howto section you don’t have the problem with the images.

Not @robb, of course, but IMO, the wiki is a far better place for how-to guides than the forum. It’s indexed and categorized, which is helpful, but probably the most important feature is that anyone can edit it, even if the original author has lost interest/time/ability to keep it up to date–which is just what @robb did here.

The couple of how-tos I’ve written have been posted here initially for discussion and testing, but once I think they’re more or less settled, I move the content to the wiki.


Just a suggestion, maybe you can even integrate the use of the qemu-guest-agent ?

By the way, yesterday I setup an HA-Cluster, on a few old machines, with one Nethserver VM…
It works realy impressive !


@danb35 exactly points to the right reasons for the use of the wiki.
The general workflow of these howto’s are, as Dan mentioned: create them in these forums, so we can all discuss about the howto, maybe work on the final version. As soon the howto is complete and reproducible, the howto can get it’s place in the wiki.
Since there already was a howto in the wiki that needed an update, I decided to skip the part of writing in the forums first and immediately post in the wiki.
IF you think any changes are needed to the howto, feel free to make changes or add content to the howto.


@danb35 and @robb

Thanks for your explanation, I didn’t get it before.

Good shot @robb thanks for spending your time on it. We appreciate it

Another reason I hadn’t thought of when I posted a few days ago: The howto threads often get cluttered with questions, problems, and sometimes changes to the initial instructions, which can make you go up and down the thread to find everything (people don’t always remember to update the original post). With the wiki, there’s a single page just for the instructions.

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