Install Leanote

So far works great. Will keep trying to push some limits, see if some things break.

More updates–updated the template to disable demo mode by default, and documented some important admin settings. Probably close to ready to move this to the wiki.

Noticed something about the invite links, they go out as localhost:


How are you sending invitations? I don’t see that option, even though I do see a template for the invitation email.

if you right click on a notes

then click on share to friends:

@danb35 how much effort do you think would be required to fork and maintain a project like this, for the Nethserver community.
and even go ahead to implement ldap etc onto it.

I’m not able to duplicate this–are you sure you’ve set site.url correctly in app.conf?

I’m sure it would depend a great deal on how familiar someone was with Go and the other relevant technologies. For me, it would be a massive effort. For someone else, perhaps not so much.

Let me start looking for go developers to asses the project and the code, then see how or what can be done

now i can resume testing systems. my internet issue has been solved.

These past 3 weeks have been dark for me, surviving with limited bundles