Install Kimchi on NethServer

While l’m here I remember see something about installing Kimchi on NS now i can’t seem to find it. Woul you have a link at all please?

I think you refer to a post by @filippo_carletti: Nethserver future version 7
You could just install Webvirtmanager module:

Just remember this about webvirtmgr module:

Good catch. Knowing that, I would advocate to use Proxmox as a Hypervisor instead of NS.

i was moving from Proxmox to NS so i could have reverse proxy on a virtual network with a catch all email server.

The other problem is i am using a 2006 Mac pro 1,1 for my server so creating 32bit loaders is starting to become a bit tiresome every time i change the OS.

It was a freebie (Mac) I don’t have the cash for a real server.

Does proxmox install on a 2006 mac pro? I am sure you are aware that hardware that old is increasingly harder to maintain, while performance probably will be beneath par. You mentioned yourself the lack of 64bit options.
Time to consider new hardware?
I have no clue what a 2006 mac pro can do. If it is possible to install a basic linux server flavor and just do plain QEMU/KVM on it?
Reading this topic in ubuntu forums isn’t very hopeful on success…

Maybe this howto helps:
As soon you have a linux flavor running, you can install QEMU-KVM and use the mac pro as a hypervisor. Then anything is possible as long you have the CPU/RAM/diskspace available.
The biggest problem seems to be 32bit EFI.