Info's about the forum and it’s rules and how to post

Info’s about the forum and it’s rules

Which Software is used for the forum?

It’s Discourse

A full User Guide of Discourse you can find here:

Some informations about the Forum

What are the rules of this forum?

What trust-levels exist and how to get there?

Which badges you can get?

Which categories has this forum?

  • Support: Support on configuring, install and support nethserver
  • Community: Discussion about this community, it’s organization, how it works, and how we can improve it
  • Bug: A bug report means something is broken, preventing normal/typical use of Nethserver
  • Testing: The category is obsolete. For new topics add a testing tag instead.
  • Chat: Generic discussions not strictly NethServer related: Tech, Linux, Sysadmin, Open Source, stuff about SMB’s, tips and tricks
  • Announcements: This category will contain: generell announcements, release notes, modules, updates
  • WebTop: Discussions on WebTop: generic topics, new features, bugs and support questions. Check the WebTop 5 Announcement first
  • FAQ: Topics that come up very often when discussing NethServer will eventually be classified into this Frequently Asked Questions category. Should only be added to popular topics
  • Staff: Private category for staff discussions. Topics are only visible to admins and moderators
    -Subscription: A place where people can find answers about the subscribe process, issues with registartion or plans benefits. Here we collect feedback to improve the whole subscription process and make it
  • Feature: Discussion about features or potential features of NethServer; how they work, why they work, etc.
  • Welcome: Topics about introducing new members on community
  • Develeopment: This category is for topics related to hacking on NethServer; discussions about development choices or issues, configuring development environments, coding conventions, and so forth. Words with strong emphasis can become a tag
  • Translations: Discussions about translations, Transifex, suggestions for a good translation and so forth
  • Howto: Tutorial topics that describe how to set up, configure or install modules and extra software on NethServer. Howto topics can also describe generic NethServer configurations. Topics in this category may only be created by trust level 1 and up
  • Release Notes: Information about changes at new releases
  • Testimonials: Topics on use cases, scenarios, migrations or comparisons of NethServer to other platforms
  • Ambassadors: Discussions about how to improve the community and make it more and more active and vibrant. Only accessible for ambassadors
  • Uncategorized: Topics that don’t fit to any other category

How to post?

Start a new post

Choose the Category you want to post in and click on “New Topic”.

Type a meaningful title please.
You can also change the category by clicking on the category name here and you can choose a subcategory.
After it you should fill in your nethserver version and the module (not at every category necessary) you have a question for.

By moving the mouse over the editor-symbols it shows you the function, for example Upload, Emoji and so on. Click on it to choose.

After writing your text you have to click on “Create Topic” to post it.

Special Formatting

  • Code:
Put in your code here
  • Writing bold
**bold words here**
  • Headings
# H1
## H2
### H3
  • Step to next line (You can use this for posting more than one free line for example)

Set a <br> everytime you want to go to next line

  • pre formatted text
    <pre> pre formatted text here </pre>

  • Showing the pre tag to others you can do with triple backticks (Thanks to @davidep for this tip)


    Also have a look at this post:

  • backticks you can show with 6 spaces in front of it

  • code tags you can show with the pre tag

<pre>[code]Code here[/code]</pre>

  • hide a chapter of your entry, for example too long code (it’s opened by clicking on it) you can do with the following tag
This text will be hidden

or you can find it at the menue
Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-14 um 15.20.18

How to mark a topic as solved

Much more informations about how to use this forum:


If somebody has some more points or something is not correct don’t be shy to post it, I will correct it at the Howto.

these are headings


Love that, sorry for the late response. I think that it could be useful to many people!
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Thanks Marc,
I corrected it, and thanks for the additional link, it’s added too.

Thanks @dnutan for this hint,
added this and some more to the howto.