Inbuilt monitoring module

Guys how about a monitoring module in nethserver? like monit or nagios?

Any plans to add it in future?

There are lot of monitoring soft and it is up to you to choose one of it, I prefer Zabbix and so on…

There is the module Statistics available.

@filippo_carletti posted a way to add the CPU temperature

He asked about soft for external monitoring :slight_smile:

OK. This mean it isn’t possible with the internal monitor. But if you connect via VPN you should be able to see the monitor or do I understand it wrong :question:

You can also configure collectd to send data to an external server.

We have plans to integrate something like Sensu (, but there is no schedule and for now it’s only an idea.

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crazy sexy install on Win client … Zabbix much easier or Nagios + checkMK , or maybe Observium :slight_smile:

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Did you see that?

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How bout underlying nagios it is meant for? will this How-To also install nagios? or just interface adagios?

“Adagios installation on NethServer” :slight_smile: it seems clear

Ok… so what is it going to use as backend monitoring tool?
anything other than nagios?

Adagios is built on top of Nagios, there is no way to switch to another implementation.

Is this what you’re looking for?

what i mean is, this guide will install adagios or nagios as well?
if not nagios, then we need to follow another guide for the same.

It will install everything needed, included Nagios.

If you want, give a try to the package in testing: :wink:

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