Improve the static route implementation

I know that OVH and Soyoustart are not the only host companies out their that require special gateway considerations however is it possible to add in the gui special gateway instructions??

It would really make this OS stand out from the rest for use in bare metal server infrastructure.

The commands needed to do this are like this…

You would want to run this on what ever Ethernet port the internet is located…
route add dev eth1
route add default gw eth1

Just a suggestion to make the software easier out of the box for newbies…

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You’re totally right, @filippo_carletti want to improve the static routes page since a while! :slight_smile:

I think we should improve the static route implementation in 2 areas:

  • Support static routes where the user can force the selection of an ethernet interface. Inside the web interface I would like to add an optional Ethernet interface field which is a select box containing a list of all configured ethernet interface.
  • Parse the static routes configuration during system-init event to support special VPS like OVH

What do you think? Am I missing something?


I think its great!! Its really a problem when your give one Ethernet card to work with in a Vsphere environment… You get assigned all these ips but some times your gate doesn’t even remotely match the ip given which some times makes things a little harder to setup… Keep up the great work I love what i see and I am only a few days into playing with this system… Can’t wait to see what else i can do!.. At the moment I will say Java and Minecraft server are working very well under my current nethserver as well as hosting about 7 domains and so far very satisfied with everything with the exception of the backup polices… I will make a big write once i try to figure out a partial solution to my issues…


:thumbsup: happy to hear this!

What do you mean? Can you share with us your experience? Maybe in a new topic

Ok here is my directions on hosting a minecraft server with nethserver 6.8

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