Improve Mail Log Viewer and Query

when u have a lot of mails , u could not check all log file , so it would be help full to make some mail log for logging mail attempts!

I think we’ll hit some privacy laws showing mail conversations, but if the page is visible only to the system administrator it may allowed.

I don’t know if it’s easy, but we could show the day and hour of the last sent/received email.

Another option is to use the search box looking for the email address who says he/she didn’t receive the email.

2015-06-22 15:38:28 INFO [] ->
2015-06-22 15:38:57 INFO [] ->

What LAW i break , but for me it is very suitable to view !

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I talk about this feature , i could grep logs as well but u need to login by SSH and if U are in Vacation or have only Cell phone , what would u DO ? i was in such despair situation :smile:

you connect to UI with your cell :wink:

there is no vacation if you are a sysadm :wink:

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we should build convenient WEB UI for Your self ! i could give just an example


Can we have something like Zentyal has?
Even in NS 6.7 or maybe in NS 7.2?


That’s really interesting! I love it, is there any project which already do it basing on postfix log? Or do we have to develop it from scratch?

Hi Alessio,

If you ask me, I really don’t know!
Maybe @filippo_carletti, @giacomo or @davidep know something about this.

But I think it must develop from scratch.

What I know is we need something like this.
Its very hard to find something in log files!

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You can simply query the maillog files using the Log Viewer page.

Hi Giacomo,

You’re absolutely right!
But please compare the two queries.

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Ehm actually you’re right, they look very different to the non-expert :neutral_face:

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I can find what I want to find, but …

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Can we improve it on 7? I think it’s a huge idea and can make NethServer really easy to administrate.
I can open a new issue, Is It worth a bounty?

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@GG_jr @Nas what do you think about a new bounty for this? My feeling is that writing a new panel from scratch needs much work, isn’t it?
Would you like to create a new one?


I found something interesting regarding this subject:

I think NS uses rsyslog (if I’m not wrong), so the first step is done! :wink:


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I vote for this feature. It would be very usefull.

To add to your reading/watching pleasure:

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