Import Contacts to SoGo and display html

I have been testing different methods of importing data (mail, contacts and calendar) into NethServer. Currently my data is stored on a Zarafa server. I can connect to it using Outlook 2013 and Activesync/Zpush. I can then save my data in different formats.
I have connected to NethServer using the same method, just a different mail profile in Outlook. I have transferred over my contacts by importing a saved pst into Outlook while connected to NS.
Just one small issue. My “other information/Notes” data in Contacts contains the info in html format. Sogo displays all the html code in the web interface. Is there an option for SoGo to display html formatted data in the “Other Infos” section of the Contacts in the web interface?


Hi @Tom ,
Thanks for your request.
To begin with , please attach the screenshot of the observed issue.
Otherwise you can try to use WebTop4.

Thanks for the quick reply. I am looking at both WebTop and Sogo to see the strengths and weaknesses of both.
Below is an example of SoGo displaying html as opposed to rendering it.


I am also looking at importing contacts as Vcards as this probably would give a work a round.

@Tom it Smells like Zafara BUG :slight_smile:

Possibly, but not so sure. The same contacts display fine in Outlook which would have created the pst . They also display fine on Iphone and Android. I know pst can be buggy also.
If all software used open standards to save / export /import data it would be very easy to move data from one server /software to another, but at the moment, in the real world, we don’t seem to have got there yet :grinning:


Tom try to import through card script:

Or like old grandpa method Vcard

The scripts import to Webtop not SoGo I have tried them and they generally work but with some issues.
I tried SoGo “import Vcard” and it imports all the contacts but it also has some issues displaying fields that have more than plain text in them.
If I can isolate and clearly define the issue I will post again.