If possible, enjoy your summer holidays!

Off to Amsterdam in a few days, certainly planning to enjoy the trip.

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Drop me a line if you are in NL, see if I can reach out to you.

Send your virtual postcards or destinations guys! :slight_smile:

Yep, at the beginning of June for 2 weeks. It was absolutely gorgeous.




Well, I’ll be attending the English Reformed Church in Amsterdam on Sunday, but vacationing with family, so probably won’t be able to visit much.

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Talking about pictures:



Looks like Koln

Yes, 70 km from my home

270 Km from my home :wink:

@danb35 is doing a good tour in Europe. Maybe even catch a day at the Tour de France… :wink:

France yes, Tour no–we’ll be in Strasbourg tomorrow, after Freiburg today.

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Still in my road trip in andalousia, it is hot now:)

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Beautiful, looks a lot like Frigiliana near Nerja.

Ohhhh where are you man?

@stephdl a lot of your pic on NethServer chat :smiley: great trip!

@danb35 are you in Europe??? Do you have some time to catch up with @m.traeumner or @mrmarkuz

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I was; back in the states now. Good trip, but pretty busy.

Iceland at Myvatn (the mosquito lake)

Enjoying summer plenty:

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That’s a SUPER beer. Cheers!

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